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Registered in England and Wales No: OC368797
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Phone:     +44 0161 6378 745
Download the brochure here

Registered in England and Wales No: OC368797. 

Registered Office: Suite 72, Cariocca Business Park, 
2 Sawley Road, Manchester, 
Lancashire, M40 8BB, United Kingdom 


Phone:  +44 0161 6378 745
Fax:       +44 0161 5050 756
INVEST in your Business 72 th (12) th INVEST in your Business

We have been registered in 2011 and we proposed to prepare Business Plans, Financial Analysis, Marketing Studies and other services for our clients and their projects towards getting sustainable and valuable investments.

Over the years, we have understood the business needs for capital injection as well as the needs for loans and financing, or various associations in business partnerships for our clients’ developments projects thus growing their businesses.

We have been looking for various and alternative financing sources and now we are able to offer our clients this opportunity.
Smart Business Consulting Services LLP (SBCS) is a business consulting company specializing in the preparation of professional business plans and other business services. SBCS also introduces and referring client projects to a variety of lenders and financiers that offer a wide range of asset management services, corporate financial consulting, capital markets and credit services. SBCS is not a financial services company, is not a creditor or functor, is not an Authorized Broker. SBCS does not provide loans. This website is a platform that provides business information and the SBCS is acting with good diligence in accordance with good business practice and British national law, as well as with international law in its business relationship with customers.
Board Members
We create a Professional Business Plan for businesses - Self Employed and Micro Business  or Small and Medium sized Enterprises. 

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He has the responsibility for setting strategies and company policy covering investor and financier relationships, regulation, opportunities development, and project delivery to investors to meet customer needs.
Delia focuses in particular on customer relationship, communication, agreement, guidance and preliminary project analysis, informing clients about the procedures to follow up.
BUSINESS PLAN for a loan 
Having said that, Albert has more than 25 years of experience in business consultancy and in the preparation of business plans and financial analysis, seeking the best sources of funding and remitting them to various sources of trustworthy funding. He has been involved in all types of projects, starting with start-ups, equipment financing, real estate financing, hotels and resorts, manufacturing companies, renewable energy, and much more.
She possesses more than 17 years of progressive experience in the financial services, customer service, telesales, regional sales agency, business development, B2B sales, B2C sales, regional property management, real estate and security, home improvement, constructions, marketing, business consultancy, business administration and office management sector.
Albert Deak
Managing Partner
Delia Deak 
Business Consultant - Partner
Financing Opportunity for projects owners

Our International Financiers focus on driving tangible results by making our customers more capable. Today, they have a lot of global creditors who can fund projects in all major regions of the world. Through our international funders, our company intermediates global funding for projects for private, public, industry, corporations, institutions and individuals and governments.
Why Choose Us To Intermediate For Your Large Project Financing?
We work with a variety of US and international lenders and financiers having many years of experience in not only the financial sector, but the business world as well. They pride themselves on their extensive knowledge, dedicated teams of professionals and also their efficient funding solutions, too. They analyze every project in-depth to fully understand the unique circumstances and structure their funding options creatively based upon your business’s:

  • Assets
  • Experience
  • Projections
  • Unique Aspects of Your Business and Project
Whether your project requires US$10 Million or US$ 500+  Million, they have access to the funds you need to get the project off the ground, thus they offer various types of financing/funding. More details can be found at the page FUNDING

We look forward to intermediating your project financing thus helping your business grow through strategic funding solutions.
Our advantage  

We have a vast portofolio of top global lenders and financiers being able to provide you with effective funding solutions for your project, thus if you work with us:

  • we will put you in direct contact with institutional lenders being regulated under US lending regulations or another states where they are based
  • we intermediate your project application free of charge
  • our lenders do not charge upfront fees, Application Fees, Review Fees, Meeting Fees, Stand-by Fees, Pre-Due Diligence Fees
  • your project could be closed within 60 working days, subject to : 
                 1) A positive Appraisal Report 
                 2) A positive Economical Viability 
                 3) A positive Audit (Due Diligence) of the Project.
  • you can save your valuable time
  • you can save your resources
  • you can get your project funded successfully
  • avoid getting through unpleasant experiences
  • you will be able to work with the lender on long term
  • you will have a reliable financial partner being able to help you also with a project extension
  • you will be able to fund also other projects you might have in the future 
Features & Benefits
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